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to date the perfume is the simplest one. I attempted vinegar and h2o; bleach, soap and water (killed them instantly but arrived again); salt in doable entry way. it received so aggravating until eventually the perfume in cottonballs.

Use which ever all natural repellents there are offered. Cover up all foodstuff objects in your home. Clear down all counter tops and flooring. When every single bit in their food resources is taken away and all their entry points are sealed, enough time has come for getting rid of these with a fly deterrent. Check out this video tutorial to understand which repellents done best for reducing flies.

Get rid of them by hand. Choose em up. Smoosh em. Or relocate them. This did not work for us as there were just too many. At the height of it I could get trowels brimming with them.

We use 10% dr. Bonners peppermint soap and water within a spray bottle. Kills ants on Get in touch with, erases path and smells festive. Nevertheless have to keep clear house and stay up on them

So, the initial step is usually prevention. But as soon as you see indications of unwelcome visitors crawling by your home, be sure you act quickly. If you are feeling overcome, by no means be scared to call in a few Expert pest Management.

Test inside cabinets that are positioned on an exterior wall. Damage to cabinetry or cracks can lead ants indoors. It's also wise to Examine the outside of these places on the exterior of the home to be sure there’s no destruction that could Permit ants pass through in the inside of your respective cabinetry.

One method to make your home bug cost-free is to stop them from moving into to start with. Bugs normally enter your home by cracks all around pipes, windows, doors and drains.

Later on, put them in various regions of the house. Keep away from utilizing this technique When you have Animals, as they might consume the poison and become ill.

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how to kill cockroaches outside the house
2017-11-16 07:57:31 JulieArraf

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2015-06-09 10:55:41 Peter Spelt

Being a gast at Pairadise for 3 times was a marvelous experience. Started in 2006 and the last one in 2014. One of that beautiful gems that grows in years. They maintain the place very nice from a pown with some bungalows to a green paradise with a natural pool. In the morning the breakfast on the terras, overlooking Pai and everywere you look a lot af birds. A place where you can find peace and a relaxed spot to enjoy your stay. We always take a 2 days rafttour with Guy. Very professional adventure shop in de village. Pairadise thanx for are pleasant stays the last years and we will be back soon.
2015-01-03 16:33:02 Katharina Schmitt

Liebe Kathrin, liebes Pairadise Team,

vielen Dank für die schönen entspannten Weihnachtstage, die ich bei Euch verbringen durfte. Ich habe die Ruhe und die Umgebung sehr genossen. Ihr habt hier wirklich etwas ganz wunderbares geschaffen.

Vielen Dank noch einmal und herzliche Grüße aus Berlin
2013-12-07 12:54:21 Kevin Wang


I fell in love with Pairadise through my friend. I'll go to PAI and would like to stay in Pairadise . May I make a reservation for myself On December 20 (check in) -December 22 (check out) ?

Looking forward to reply. THANKS

Kevin Wang
2013-11-24 14:29:14 Brigitta Mitwollen

Hallo Kathrin und Pin,
ich habe noch nie bei euch Urlaub gemacht, aber ich kann mich noch sehr gut an euch erinnern.
Marcus hat mir ganz begeistert von eurer Anlage erzählt und er hat recht. Vielleicht verschlägt es mich dann ja auch noch mal in den fernen Norden Thailands. Natürlich würde ich dann auch bei euch wohnen :-)

Ich hoffe, euch geht es gut. Liebe Grüße aus Achim,
2013-11-22 08:12:09 安娜

2013-10-11 17:27:26 jannes schwarz

it was just amazing. it's a lovely place and the staff is very nice and caring. we were a group of six people and everyone of us would have loved to stay much longer. if you are looking for a calm and relaxed retreat don't look further. we all highly recommend this amazing place for an unforgettable experience. we all hope to come back as soon as possible!

best regards,

jannes, hauke, eva, andreas, leo und pinia
2013-02-28 16:24:38 Jeremy!

Gefällt mir echt super gut euer Pairadise! Vielleicht komm ich mal vorbei, einen Flug nach Bangkok habe ich bereits gebucht: http://www.qatarairways.com/de/de/flugangebote/Flug-Frankfurt-Bangkok.page und da ist euer Paradies ja nicht weit weg. Gruß und Kuss, Jeremy
2013-01-30 23:41:29 Matthias

Unvergleichlich: wer meint am Meer ist es schön...der war noch nicht in Pai und sah dort die Sonne im Nebel der Berge wandern. Es ist wie...im Paradies. Danke für die schönen Tage bei Euch.
2012-12-30 07:13:28 Klaus Wedelich

Dear PIN,
ist was a wonderful time to stay in your Pairadise, thank you for all.

Kind regards
Klaus & Kannika

2012-04-10 19:34:00 isa and karin

we came beginning of december 2011
very very nice place and very nice bread:) :)
we enjoy the time at your guesthouse
and hope come again in november 2012
thank you very much
see you soon
2011-12-31 12:42:45 Dagmar & Frank

Hallo Kathrin und Pin,

vielen Dank für die schönen Tage in Eurem "Pa(i)radise". Wir haben es sehr genossen. Die Anlage ist noch schöner geworden. Wir freuen uns schon auf das nächste Mal um erneut die Ruhe zu genießen und dann noch mehr entspannte Tage bei Euch zu verbringen. Dann schaffen wir es auch mal zum Joga mit Cathy auf dem See.

Liebe Grüße

Dagmar & Frank
2011-08-18 10:57:49 Thomas Ute Ben Nicole

Hallo nach Pai,
Glückwunsch zu der schönen neuen Webseite.
Wir haben uns immer sehr wohl bei Euch gefühlt und werden Euch im November wieder besuchen.
Trotz der rasannten Entwicklung in Pai habt Ihr eine wunderschöne Oase geschaffen in der man sich sehr wohl fühlt. Die liebevoll eingerichteten Bungalows sind einfach toll.

Liebe Grüße aus Stuttgart

Thomas Ute Ben und Nicole
2011-07-26 07:44:43 Olaf Kliemt

Hello Pairadise Team,

we wish you loads of success with your new website ;-)

The Pai Web Design Team